Fancyland™ Comfortable Pet Bathing Tool

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Does your dog turn your bathroom into a slippery disaster zone every time you try to bathe them? Tired of an aching back and tired knees, bent over the tub while washing your dog? Wish there was a better way to clean off soap and wet your dog’s fur for scrubbing?

Now even the most challenging doggie bath time can become a fun bonding experience for pet and owner with the Comfortable Pet Bathing Tool .


  • This smart design keeps your other hand free to restrain your dog in the tub, preventing messy splashing and sloshing.

  • Gentle jets of water allow you to rinse your dog’s fur gradually, using a soothing petting motion that won’t startle them into bath time anxiety.

  • The generously-long attached hose works with your existing tub faucet to put water jets in the literal palm of your hand for easy rinsing.

  • Two adapters are included for the hose, allowing you to use the dog grooming tool with virtually any faucet.
  • An on/off switch built into the palm lets you turn off the water to soap up your canine companion.
  • Less stressful for your dog; gentle water streams and relaxing petting motions help put even anxious breeds at ease.


  • Tube length: 98.5 inch / 2.5M
  • Weight: 11.36 ounces / 0.322 Kg

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Package includes:

  • 1 * PalmPooch Water Sprayer Scrubber Glove Tool
  • 2 * Faucet Adapters 

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