Fancyland™ Leaf Shaped Plant Watering Devices - Leaf Type Potted Funnel (6 PCS)

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  • Watering Funnel: The funnel allows you to easily water the plants. In the shape of a leaf, it goes perfectly with your houseplants.
  • Protect Plants: These functional watering devices cause water to flow directly into the roots of the plants, which allows the plants to absorb all the water needed and protect the plants from damage caused by the direct watering.
  • Luminous Design: Transparent light funnel allows you to easily see the position of the plant in the dark (Note: Blue and Ink-blue funnels do not have lighting function).
  • Less wastage: Avoids unnecessary cleaning work and reduces water wastage. You can leave the plant funnel underground for long term use.
  • Easy to use: After inserting the funnel into the soil, just pour water into the funnel, and the water will flow directly to the thirsty roots of the plant.
  • Multi-application: Whether your plant is indoors or outdoors, at home or in the office, you can use it for watering. Perfect for potted plants, houseplants, patio plants, hanging baskets, patio pots, hanging plants, or any other plant.

Use of Methods:
  • Insert the sprinkler into the soil, adjust the position so that the "leaf" is facing out, then you can start watering.
  • Weight:60g
  • Material:PP
  • Size:
Package Includes:
  • 6 x Leaf Shaped Plant Watering Devices - Leaf Type Potted Funnels

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