Fancyland™ Pisa tower parent-child interactive balance exercise game

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Improve children's three-dimensional imagination, color cognitive ability and stimulate the children's curiosity.
Train fine movements and develop hand-eye coordination skills,improve thinking ability.
Exercise balance.

How to play

Before game

  1. Place one ring on a flat surface, then place cylinders on the space with lines accordingly. Each layer with two cylinders in different colors
  1. Once all cylinders are full filled on a ring, then place another one on it's above and continue stacking the cylinders, following this step until all cylinders are stacked
  2. Once all cylinders are stacked on 10 rings, you can start playing the game!

Game rules:

  • The youngest player goes first, other players take turns according to clockwise direction.
  • Every player throw the dice in turns, if it's arrow on the dice, you can throw the dice again. If it's figure on the dice, you can throw the dice twice.
  • Once all rings are well stacked with full filled cylinders, the game will continue. Players take out the cylinders one by one, who make the tower collapse, who will lose the game!

Take out pink cylinder when it's pink on the dice
Take out gree cylinder when it's green on the dice
Take out yellow cylinder when it's yellow on the dice
Take out orange cylinder when it's orange on the dice
Throw the dice again when it's arrow on the dice
Throw the dice twice when it's figure on the dice


  • Product size:16.8*8*23.5 cm
  • Suitable age:for kidsover 36 months
  • Material:Made ofsafe wooden material and non-toxic water paint, smooth and without burrs. Allow you to use with reassurance. With painted smooth surface layer, it does not hurt kids' hands easily.No cracking will not deform.

package include:

  • 12*4 cylinders (each color 12 Pcs)
  • 10 rings
  • 2 dice
  • Another giftas a surprise ----- A piece of Flying chess drawing
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