Fancyland™ he latest stylish wireless headphones Android earbuds portable Bluetooth headset

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😍Stylish headphones with the latest technology and great prices😍

Works on most phones. The headset is small and light, and there is no cord to make you more free. You can take it with you when running, walking or traveling.


  • Portable: The headset is very small and light. When traveling, you can bring headphones.
  • Large battery capacity: The battery capacity of the headset is very large. You can listen to music with headphones for 3 hours.
  • Comfort: The design of the headset is very ergonomic and fits the ear. When using headphones, you will feel very comfortable.
  • Noise reduction: The headset has a noise reduction function. When you put on the headset, you will not hear any noise and enjoy a quiet environment.
  • Compatibility: The headset is suitable for most systems and applications, such as mobile phones, laptops, etc.

How to pair headphones to use at the same time:

  • Press and hold both earphones at the same time, then release your hands when you see the red and blue flashes.
  • Long press the earphones on one side, and the earphones on the other side will not flash, and one will flash red and blue.
  • At this time, turn on the mobile phone's Bluetooth for pairing and connection.
  • Button function: long press to power on long press to power off Click music pause / play / call answer / hang up, double click next song
  • Note: The headset is not connected after the headset is turned on. The headset will automatically shut down after three minutes.

Charging tips:

  • Headphone charging indicator light: The red light of the headset is on. The red light is off when the battery is fully charged.
  • Tips for charging the charging box:
  • When charging the headset with the charging box: The green LED on the charging box blinks, and the green LED turns off when the headset is full
  • When charging the charging box: The red LED on the charging box flashes, and the red LED light is always on after the battery is fully charged.

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  • 1*Shinygem he latest stylish wireless headphones Android earbuds portable Bluetooth headset
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