Fancyland™ Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer Slicer

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The Pineapple Corer Slicer is a unique kitchen utensil that makes coring and slicing pineapples or other large fruits like watermelons in seconds. Simply cut off the top of the pineapple and twist the pineapple slicer clockwise like a corkscrew. One turn per pineapple slice or do the whole pineapple.

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  • Fast, high efficiency to peel, core and slice fresh pineapple in seconds.
  • With unique detachable wedger and make ready-to-eat chunks of pineapple.
  • Makes perfectly-shaped rings; preserves shell intact to use as a bowl. Ideal a tools for your pineapple.
  • Create one slice at a time or cut up the whole fruit at once, keep fresh of the pineapple, retained the juice of the fruit.
  • Made from durable, stylish stainless steel and plastic handle, easy to Clean, Dishwasher Safe.


  • Size: Height 18cm, Base 8.5cm, Tube 3cm
  • Color: Black/ Yellow
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Package includes:

  • 1*Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer Slicer
  • 1*Cutting tool
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