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Fancyland™ The Baby Neck Float Ring

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Make it part of your baby’s bathtime toys!

Or a fun gift for parents with babies.


Helpyour baby enjoy the benefits of splashing, kicking, gliding, and wading through early childhood water time. Watch them quickly learn how to use the float ring to engage their body in a unique way, helping to create tons of new neural connections.


  • BATHTIME FUN:Perfect for kids between 1 and 24 months old. See them discover the enormous fun of kicking and paddling! Before your baby can walk or even crawl, all in the comfort of your own bathroom at home or pool.
  • CAREFULLY DESIGNED TO KEEP BABIES FULLY MOBILE AND SAFE:Your baby rests their chin and neck comfortably with the water supporting their weight. See for yourself how much they kick and swing in the water!

  • SAFE:Safety is top of mind in our design. The thick, double airbag won’t tear or puncture easily. The safety lock is integrated to the patented float design, guaranteed to stay locked in place, fastening at the back for your baby’s maximum comfort.
  • SECURE AND GENTLE BABY SUPPORT:Our patented design gently but effectively supports your baby’s head without hurting or straining their neck muscles and ligaments.
  • NON-TOXIC MATERIAL:BPA-free, eco-friendly, patented material made to be comfortable and gentle to babiesâ€?skin.


  • Thick, BPA-free, double airbag.
  • Colorful print to catch your baby’s eyes.
  • Dual safety locks.
  • Easy-grip handles.
  • Little bells for additional sensory stimulation.

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