Fancyland™Waterproof HD Micro Cable Camera

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Waterproof HD Micro Cable Camera

Struggling to see in narrow/ dark cracksaround your home?Lostitemsunder the refrigerator? Your toilet is gettingclogged?

Waterproof HD Micro Cable Camerais amicro-inspection camerathat snakes intotight and hard-to-reach spacesand gives you a set of eyes where you can’t see.

It’s so easy to use _ justfeed and view on a 2.4" HD screen!Whether you need to inspect a clogged toilet, shower drain, or need to see behind your appliances/ furniture, this camera offers4-foot waterproof cableto bend and flex toperfect fit into any desired space.

he micro camera withbuilt-in LED lightcaptures everything on thehand-held view screen. A must-have for any homeowner and renter or even for a clumsy family member that loses things!


  • Handheld Real-time Monitor-Conveniently displays what the camera sees on a 2.4-inch HD colored screen. No more worrying about dropping your inspection camera in the toilet!
  • Flexible 4-foot Cable-Generous 4-foot long serpentine cable bends and flexes to go where you need it
  • Ultra Bright LED Light -Discover lost objects, pipe clogs, and critter nests in the darkest corners and crevices withbright LED light fixed at the tip of the camera
  • Waterproof -Able to investigate clogs in drains, toilets, and septic tanks without worrying about the camera shorting out
  • 3 Tips for Different Usage -Ahook tipis for removing items & debris from pipes and drains.Amirror tipis forperiscope actionwhen investigating tight spaces. Amagnet tiphelps pick up metal objects from tight spaces


  • Size:3.25" x2.25" x 8.75"
  • Cable length:4 ft. (1.2m)
  • Display size:2.4"
  • Probe Length:4"
  • Product Weight:0.65 lb
  • Power:4 x AA Batteries (Not Included)
  • HD Micro Camera:Yes
  • LCD Display:Yes
  • Waterproof Camera Head:Yes

  • 1x Waterproof HD Micro Cable Camera
  • 3 x Tips (Hook, Mirror, and Magnet)
  • 1 x Long cable

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